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The golf event of the North awaits you

Since 20 years, Hanse Golf as a pure golf fair establishes its independence. Therewith Hanse Golf is one of the highlights in the Northern golf calendar.

Why to exhibit!

Access to prospects

Socialising with clients

Direct selling at the exhibition

Presentation of novelties

Competitive watch

Company profile

Exhibit at Hanse Golf and leave a last impression on the Northern Germany golf scene!

Northern Germany's largest golf travel market:


Golf at the seaside..
Golf in the desert..
Golf in the mountains..
Playing golf in the most beautiful destinations in the world..

Northern Gemany's largest golf shop:


The latest innovations..
Competent service..
The best range of products..
Everything a golfer needs..

Northern Germany's Join-in golf event:


Golf Talk with pros..
Hitting balls at the Indoor Driving Range..
Several tombolas..